” My Eyang Putri Tersayang “

Sambil menunjuk dengan memakai jari telunjuk-nya ke-atas langit ( biasa-nya kan orang Jawa suka menunjuk sesuatu dengan jari jempol-nya supaya kelihatan lebih sopan ), my Eyang Putri Tersayang ngomong begini,

“Cucu-cucu-ku Tersayang, lihat-lah gumpalan awan-awan putih bersih di-langit, nun jauh tinggi di-atas sana?”

“You mean the ones that look like straight rows of marshmallow fluff?” I asked. ” Ya Eyang Putri, I see them. There are strings of them going off into a point just past where we can see.”

” Betul sekali, betul sekali cucu-cucu-ku Tersayang,” kata Eyang Putri sambil senyum-senyum dikulum.

Bekas kecantikan-nya masih keliatan jelas, walaupun sudah rada-rada keriput disana-sini. Senyuman yang sangat manis dan sayang dari-Eyang Putri, nenek-nenek yang penuh dengan cinta-kasih, ke-ikhlasan, ke-bijaksana-an dan juga sangat-sangat ke-eyang-eyangan. Very-very wise banget deh pokok-nya.

“Mereka adalah para malaikat, teman-teman kita, teman-teman Eyang Putri dan juga teman-teman-mu yang selalu setia menjaga diri kita masing-masing. Ya mereka adalah the angels flying home.

Nanti suatu hari, suatu saat, when you are in great need, you will look to the sky, and you will see the Angels there to give you comfort”

Waktu umur-ku genap 7 tahun, Aku sangat percaya sekali bahwa Eyang Putri Tersayang adalah salah seorang yang paling heibat, paling menyenangkan, suka menenangkan hati siapa saja yang di-ajak-nya bicara dan juga yang sangat humoris.

Menurut pandangan-ku, sampai sekarang, Eyang Putri adalah salah seorang yang paling-paling di-seluruh jagad alam semesta raya ini. Tentu saja wong itu my Eyang Putri Tersayang.

She was the most fascinating person in the world. She seemed to have a special direct-connection with God and with everything in life. Eyang Putri had a universal system of beliefs deeply rooted in the Javanese Catholic mix with Islam Abangan and Javanese Religion – (Kebathinan Jawa). She taught me that it is our direct relationship with God that is significant.

Beliau selalu mengingatkan kami cucu-cucu-nya tersayang untuk berdoa terlebih dahulu sebelum tidur dan setelah bangun tidur, sebelum makan dan setelah makan. Sebelum mengerjakan sesuatu kami dianjurkan, diharuskan untuk berdoa. Berdoa dan berdoa in your own way, in your own language.. Berterima kasih-lah atas se-gala-nya. Itu sangat penting. Ingat-lah itu selalu sampai akhir hayat-mu nanti.

“Jangan pernah takut menghadapi kenyataan hidup ini, santai-santai aja lah!..susah dan seneng, semua sudah diatur rapih oleh-Nya. Gusti Allah Tersayang memang maha tau, maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang, maha-pengampun dan maha-maha-lain-nya “,

begitu kata Eyang Putri berulang kali. Gak bosen-bosen-nya.
Always Fun With my Eyang Putri Tersayang.

The time spent with Eyang Putri was the happiest moment in my life. There was always something to do. We would play cards, dancing-dangdut-an very funny and listening Javanese gamelan-klenengan-kroncong-dangdut-poco-poco-jazz-blues etc and then give each other card readings. When we drank Javanese coffee or tea , eat cemilan and smoked her favorite Rokok Kretek from Indonesia, we would read the tea leaves. If the readings showed us something we did not like, Eyang Putri would say, softly and politely,

“Monggo cucu-cucu-ku, have another cup of tea. It will make you feel better!”

When we went walking, Eyang Putri would give me tips about the weather by watching the animals. (It was said that her mother could forecast the weather by listening to the train whistle). So, I was given a great gift by my Eyang Putri Tersayang – the ability to see meaning beyond the surface of ordinary reality.
Although Eyang Putri did not wish to continue on the earth plane much longer, she lived another ten years.

Mbok-menawi Eyang Putri sampun Makrifat already. Wong every Monday and Thursday She used to be MUTIH – Meditasi, Uro-uro, Dzikir in her very own way and also lek-lek-an until dawn.
I feel that part of the reason for this was her belief that her grand-children needed to be looked after until all of them getting married and live happily ever after.

Curiously, my study of metaphysics did not really begin in earnest until the day of my Eyang Putri’s death, when I became convinced that life did, in fact, continue after “death”.

The last words Eyang Putri ever wrote were for my 31th birthday.

“To my darling Susan, on her birthday and the last day of summer. Much love, Eyang Putri.”

Later that day, she fell down and was taken to the hospital. Thirteen days later, my father called early in the morning and told me that, ” my 80 year old Eyang Putri Tersayang” had passed away that night peacefully and with a smile on her beautiful face.

SMS from Eyang Putri
After I hung up with Dad, the phone rang again…it was my older sister, Kerry. She told me that she had known Eyang Putri was dying the day before, when she looked out her kitchen window and saw the blackbirds come into the tree in her back yard.

My sister said she cried then and emotionally released Eyang-Putri. I told Kerry that I had slept soundly through the night, could not remember dreaming, and was surprised that Eyang Putri would pass over without giving me some sign.

At that moment, a strange sound came from another room in my apartment. I told my sister to hold on while I went to see what the commotion was. When I entered the room, I saw that my hair dryer had turned on all by itself.

In my heart, I knew that Eyang Putri Tersayang was somehow contacting me, letting me know that she was all right, and giving me the spiritual manifestation that I needed to be comforted. Oh Gusti Allah Tersayang….terima kasih..

After the phone calls, in the early morning silence, I poured myself a cup of Mocca Java – Javanese coffee and went out on the balcony to watch the sunrise. It was then that I saw them! Streaking across the sky were the Angels, soaring into the sunrise, taking my Eyang Putri with them. Selamat jalan Eyang Putri Tersayang.

“ Bye-bye my cucu-cucu-ku tersayang. See you there in Swarga-Loka. Eyang Putri will wait for all of you up here………..“.’

When I get older loosing my hair many years from now………will you still need me will you still feed me when I am 64…..

About The Author
Susan Shoemaker Van Mangunarsan Tjitroatmodjo binti Atmosasmito was taught by her grandmother in early childhood to believe in the power of mind and spirit. It was then that she learned to read cards and develop her visionary abilities. Her studies have included theology, world religions, hypnosis, astrology, numerology, healing, and other metaphysical sciences and also heavenly music of Javanese Gamelan at the Wesleyan-College and UC-Berkeley @stop.


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